Today’s consumer expects a high level of customer service. Brands that aren’t doing everything they can to cater to a customer’s needs and deal with their queries or grievances is going to feel the effects of it sooner or later.

If you already have a customer service team in place but you are looking for ways to take things up a level in order to really impress your customers and get their tongues wagging, below are a few tips that you can implement.

Have regular training sessions

An educated customer service team is one that can always provide a solution. Even though you might not have recently changed up any of your products, services or company policies, having regular training sessions ensures that your team is still operating at an exceptional level and is responding to various queries correctly.

Give back

When customers feel appreciated they tend to give back twofold. Find a way to make your best customers feel special by developing a loyalty program or offering them a discount. Loyal customers are also your best source of information so turn to them for feedback in return for a voucher or free lunch at their favorite restaurant. You’ll be surprised at how willing they are to spread the word about your brand if they have an amazing experience with you.

Make it snappy

Brands that offer faster turnaround times will naturally generate a larger number of loyal customers. Analyze your customer service process to see if there are ways that you can speed things up. This could mean offering more than one way for customers to get in touch such as offering telephonic and live chat support, or it could mean hiring one extra service agent.

Help them help themselves

So many businesses discount the usefulness and importance of an FAQ page. A large percentage of customers would prefer to find the solution themselves instead of having to pick up the phone so providing this assistance in an easily accessible place will really help keep clients happy. It will also help make your customer service department more efficient.

Voice your appreciation

Sometimes all it really takes to make a customer happy is to voice your appreciation in the form of a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ when dealing with them. Make sure that your agents are using these expressions on a regular basis when dealing with your customers, whether this is via email, live chat or over the phone.

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