It’s easy enough to find a call center to represent your brand but what are the factors that make a call center and customer support team truly great?

Your customer support center will represent your brand and be the touchpoint between your business and your customers. The support agent that interacts with your customers will pave the way for how they perceive your brand and what they will tell others about you.

How to take your call center from good to great

These are just some of the factors that you should pay attention to when forming a call center or searching for an outsourced solution.

Technology counts

How easily your support agents are able to interact with your customers will play a big role in how efficiently they’ll be able to work on a day-to-day basis. It really pays to carefully select great call center software or a center that makes use of sound technology.

How easily can customers get in touch?

Today’s best call centers give customers the option to get in touch with them in more ways than one. Not every customer wants to pick up a phone in order to ask a question or voice a grievance. Some would prefer to post something on social media and others would prefer to visit a site to chat to someone online instead. How easy are you making it for customers to get in touch with your business?

Hire the best staff possible

You can have the best call center setup in the world but if the staff behind it aren’t going to give your brand the very best representation, you’re wasting your money. Call center staff need to have the relevant experience, be able to work quickly and well under pressure, and be able to easily retain knowledge.

How are your call center staff being managed?

Whether you have an in-house call center or if you’ve outsourced your support staff, it’s important to make sure that your agents are being managed by someone that understands what standards need to be met and how best to motivate your agents to ensure they are meeting those standards. Your call center manager should also be providing you with regular feedback and keeping communication lines open.

Learn from feedback

As a business owner it’s important to keep an eye on your online platforms to find out whether there are customers who are feeling frustrated with your brand. By keeping an eye on feedback from customers you can gauge whether there are some improvements you are able to make in order to give them the best possible experience in the future and relay this information to your call center team.

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