The last thing you need when trying to run a business is for your systems to go down. Not only does this affect your own productivity and that of your team but chances are your clients will feel the effects of the crash too. Businesses today rely heavily on technology so it only makes sense to have a strategic plan in place when it comes to keeping your systems up and running. If you’ve been considering hiring an IT support team to keep your systems running smoothly round the clock, outsourcing a team is one option you should definitely look into, here’s why. Benefit from experience When you outsource your IT support team there’s no need to go through lengthy recruitment processes that require you to gauge whether someone is qualified enough to meet your requirements. Paying for managed, outsourced solutions mean relying on someone else to put the perfect team together for you, and ensure they are meeting the required standards. Reduce costs By not having an in-house IT support team you don’t need to provide staff with office space or pay them benefits, which is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. This is especially good news for growing entrepreneurs. Your data is more secure When you outsource your IT support you’ll be hiring individuals who are up to date on IT security standards and can in turn better protect your data and other highly sensitive information. There is no need to check in to make sure that they’re following best practices or that the very best measures have been put in place to protect your brand as this is something that an outsourcing solutions company would take care of. Improve your levels of customer service If you run an ecommerce business or you have a customer support team that relies quite heavily on technology, having an IT team on standby at all times means less downtime and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Outsourced solutions will also be able to offer you round-the-clock support if need be, something that might be difficult to find when hiring staff of your own. Increase your productivity When you run a small to medium business that relies on having computer and telephone systems running perfectly at all times, having a system crash and having to deal with it yourself means losing out on a lot of time. Having IT personnel on standby means you can get back to running and growing your business. Access the latest technology and applications Technology can cost a fortune, especially if you need to purchase specific applications to keep your data secure and your systems online. Outsourcing your support team means you get access to the latest applications without having to fork out thousands of dollars.

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