Starting your own business is no walk in the park; your days will never feel the same again. If you’re not replying to a dozen emails, you’re trying to make sure a customer gets a delivery on time or you’re rushing to your next meeting.

Nobody said the entrepreneurial journey would be easy but that’s no reason for you to wish there were three more of you just to get your business off the ground and growing.

Productivity tips for the busy entrepreneur

Below are just a few things that you can do as a new business owner to lighten your load and breathe a little easier.

  1. Outsource your staff. There really is no need to be the person running every department in your business. While overseeing all departments and processes during the beginning stages of your business is essential, there’s no need for you to be performing every single task on your own. Outsourcing staff to fill gaps in your company is the easiest and most affordable way to free up your time.
  2. Hand over the smaller tasks. Small tasks such as managing admin or scheduling meetings can all be taken care of by someone else. You’d be surprised at how much time you’ll gain in your day if you make a list of small admin related tasks that you can hand over to someone else. Again, this could be a virtual assistant and doesn’t need to be someone that needs office space.
  3. Take advantage of online tools. Tools such as Zapier, MixMax and Buffer are all tools that will help you manage your tasks and make your day a lot more organised.
  4. Take Time Ferriss’s advice. Focus on the 20 percent of your tasks that give you 80 percent of your results. Instead of randomly taking care of tasks every day, plan out your days based on this principle.
  5. Time blocking is your pal. Another tip that fits hand in hand with planning your day is time blocking. Block out certain time during the day to focus on specific tasks. Give yourself a strict start and end time so that you know exactly when you need to move on. This will help you stay focused.

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