Amazon Account Managers

Hire a Dedicated Amazon Account Manager for your Amazon Business

We provide you a full time dedicated employee plus an Amazon Consultant dedicated to your account.

Our expert Amazon Account Managers know what it takes to scale your Amazon business.

We know it takes a lot of effort, heartache and investment to start and maintain a lucrative Amazon business. Finding employees with the right experience at the right salary is not easy. That’s why we make sure any Amazon professional we offer as a hired employee to our clients has experience, intelligence and the integrity to be a real asset to any Amazon business.

Running a wholesale business and online business at the same time is not a small task. After bringing on Yehoshua, he has taken the whole digital operations over and rehauled our Channel Advisor account, pushed thousands of new products to all channels, and managed to set up a whole outsourced marketing team for all our online assets.”
Jordan Wachtel, Owner, Bereli Inc.

Increase Your Bottom Line.

An Amazon Account Manager from JiveHire frees you up to concentrate on expanding your business horizons.
We hire. We train. We support. You manage.

Dedicated Full Time Employee on Your Terms.

More and more companies we speak to have the same issue. Amazon service companies do not give them the hours they need to grow their account or the control they get with an employee. When you hire a full time employee from JiveHire, your employee will answer only to you and be fully dedicated to growing and maintaining your Amazon and ecommerce business

Amazon Consultant Support & Training Provided

We’ll take the time to understand your business and train your new employee according to exactly what you need, so you don’t have to. Your full time employee has access to the best know-how from some of the most experienced Amazon consultants in the field with full support as part of the JiveHire experience.

Tried. Tested. Vetted.

Registrations & Approvals

Whether it’s setting up an initial account, getting the right permissions to sell certain products, staying updated with the ever-fluctuating Amazon guidelines and rules, case management or anything else that involves dealing with the powers that be, your Amazon Account Manager has it covered.

Inventory & Product

In order to succeed in the jungle that is Amazon, you need to know what you have, what’s actually selling, what you’re missing, warehouse issues, getting the Buy Box and anything else you need to deal with. These priorities, as well as shipping, tracking and making sure you’re not paying to store inventory that isn’t moving are all under the professional control of your Amazon Account Manager.

Account Health, Ads & Listing Optimization

Your Amazon Account Manager will provide excellent customer support, monitor your account performance, oversee Seller Central platform to ensure the products are generating sales and moving up in product category rankings, mitigate bad reviews, analyze where and when to place your best ads, optimize your listings for ranking success, and much, much more.

Listing Creation & Optimization

Amazon PPC Management

Competitive Research

Financial Reports & P&L

Customer Support & Shipping Reconciliation

Account Performance Reporting

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