Businesses without a marketing strategy could end up going nowhere slowly. If content forms an important part of your overall marketing plan, it’s better to have a written content strategy if you want to see results.

Benefits of having a content strategy

  • A written strategy helps you track your progress and growth
  • It helps keep your team of writers strategically aligned
  • A strategy helps you align your content with your other marketing efforts

Contents of a one-page strategy

As you develop your strategy, below is the key information that you’ll want to include. Each of these sections should of course be as brief and to the point as possible.


Determine what your overall objectives are. These will generally be qualitative such as positioning your brand as an industry expert or providing better customer service.


Your goals will be the outcome of your marketing efforts. How will you know that your efforts have been successful? Will you have published an eBook or perhaps signed up 20 new retainer clients.


In this paragraph, outline who your audience is. This should give your writers a good idea of who they will be producing content for.

Content Types

Determine the types of content you will be producing and offer a short explanation of why each type of content will help you fulfill your goals. Content can include anything from videos and tutorials to blog posts and infographics.


What platforms will you be using to promote your content? Before you decide on this you might need to engage in some market research to determine where your target audience spends most of their time online and would most easily be able to find your content.


Outline a few ways that you’ll be measuring your success. Examples of metrics could be an increase in revenue or website traffic.

Once you’ve put your one-page strategy together, it’s important to take your marketing and writing team through it and commit to a publishing schedule.

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