Running an online store is a lucrative opportunity that when done right, can turn you into a profitable entrepreneur in a matter of months.

The ecommerce game is not an easy one though and sometimes new online entrepreneurs see themselves giving up before they’ve even begun purely because they’re making a few small mistakes that are running their sales into the ground.

Are you making these common ecommerce mistakes?

Mistake 1: Putting your efforts on hold once your website has been built.

Just because you have an online store that stocks great products doesn’t mean you’re going to attract customers. Once your online store is built, the real work starts. You need to actively promote your site, implement an SEO strategy and continuously analyze your stats if you want to see results.

Mistake 2: Not having a clear value proposition.

You need to give customers a clear and enticing reason to buy from you. Take the time to develop a strong and direct value proposition that you can use on your website and as you promote your online store.

Mistake 3: You aren’t offering exceptional customer service.

Great products will never make up for bad customer service. From start to finish customers need to have a great experience with your brand. They should feel like their needs are being met and that their complaints are being heard. Never forget how much damage a bad experience voiced on social media can do.

Mistake 4: Using the first shopping cart you find.

Every step of the customer journey is important, especially the checkout. Take the time to research all available shopping cart options before you decide on one. Read through reviews, weigh up pros and cons, and then decide.

Mistake 5: Using bad product images.

You can never go wrong by hiring a professional photographer to shoot your product images. Your images are what will entice people to buy your products so it pays to make sure they look amazing.

Mistake 6: Poor navigation.

The customer’s shopping experience needs to be easy and at no point should they be confused and left wondering what to do next. Keep your navigation simple, your instructions clear and make sure that your search functionality is working correctly.

Mistake 7: Leaving mobile for last.

Online users have their mobile devices at arm’s length away most of the time so if you’re not designing for mobile, you’re losing out on a lot of potential sales. Test your online store thoroughly to make sure that the user experience is just as good as the desktop experience.

Mistake 8: Forgetting about security.

If you’re asking someone to hand over their personal and credit card details online, they need to feel completely safe doing so. Add trust by adding an SSL certificate, privacy policy, refund policy and terms and conditions to your site.

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