As your customer base grows, you might find that your support team starts to get a lot busier. At times, your support team will be inundated with requests and can forget about the small yet important things while on a call or chat with a client.

To make their lives a little easier, it might be helpful to create a short checklist that they can reference to ensure that they’re ticking all of the right boxes when dealing with a valuable customer.

Why checklists help

A checklist is helpful because it keeps your company’s values and priorities top of mind at all times. It ensures that your support team is representing your business correctly and that customers won’t hesitate to spread the word about your wonderful customer service.

Top customer service checklist items to consider

While each checklist will be based on your business’s specific requirements, below are a few suggestions for what to include:

  • Have you read the request carefully? By reading the request slowly and carefully you’re making sure that you understand the query or complaint correctly and that you have made a note of specific details that they might have supplied. You don’t want to go back and ask a customer for details they’ve already supplied.
  • Have you apologized to and thanked the customer? By thanking the customer for their email and apologizing for any inconvenience they might have experienced, you ensure that the customer feels like they’ve been heard and that you care as a brand.
  • Have you answered all of their questions or concerns? Go through your response to make sure that you have attended to all of the customer’s questions or complaints. The last thing you want is for the customer to have to reply again because they didn’t get all of the answers they were looking for. This will only lead to more frustration.
  • Is there any way that you can go the extra mile? If a customer is really unhappy with a product or the service they’ve received, is there something that you can do to go the extra mile and turn things around?
  • Have you quality checked your response? A professional business uses excellent grammar and spelling in all of their communications so it helps to give your response a onceover to ensure that you’re leaving a lasting impression.
  • Is there anything that you can add to the company’s knowledge base? Now that you’ve dealt with a new query, is there anything that you could add to the company’s knowledge base that other customer support staff can learn from and use in future interactions?

Making it easier for your support team to assist your customers is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Sometimes success is really as simple as a checklist.

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