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Without the right partner, you could be investing time and money hiring the wrong people.

When you don’t have the right people for the job, your brand integrity is at stake. Building trust demands one solid voice for customer engagement, and hiring and integrating new freelancers and project teams to hold down the fort can be a painful process of trial and error. You don’t need to do this on your own.

Running a wholesale business and online business at the same time is not a small task. After bringing on Yehoshua, he has taken the whole digital operations over and rehauled our Channel Advisor account, pushed thousands of new products to all channels, and managed to set up a whole outsourced marketing team for all our online assets.”

Paul Johnson Owner, Powerhouse Inc.

What do you need?

Our white-glove service will help you determine what you need to expand and grow your business.

Hire World-Class Talent

We hand-select top candidates from around the globe for multiple role levels throughout the industry.

C-level managers
C-Level Management
software development
Software Development
Project manager
Project Management
Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing
Art, Design and Copywriting
Art, Design and Copywriting
Marketplace Management
Build Outsourced Teams

Build Practical Teams, on Demand

We assemble and manage project teams, or support you as a manager with the team we build for you.

C-level managers
Ecommerce Teams
software development
Software Development & QA
Customer services
Customer Service
Sales and marketing
Sales and Marketing

Case Studies

Powerhouse approached us with a need to improve their website and digital presence. What we found when we dove deep was a company ripe and ready for exponential growth that needed all of the latest marketing automations available. We gave them just that.

MindCart reached out to us looking to overhaul their entire customer interaction configuration. We met with them and saw that they had so much to offer, but just needed a digital transformation. We set them up with automated, engaging customer outreach communications, and software development.

TCS approached us to takeover all of their marketing operations, digital systems, business applications and IT department. We began with them in 2020 and they are currently a happy client of ours as we meet our marketing and development targets month after month.

Your Strategic Partner for Remote Staffing Solutions


Hand it all over to JiveHire

We've simplified the whole process of outsourcing, freeing you to focus on core activities, develop internal staff and maintain operational control.


Team Management & Integration

JiveHire can hire and manage an entirely new team for you or build a team to integrate with your in-house staff with one manager on our side to interact with your company.


Scale Your Business

Leveraging our global network of experts, we offer top-tier resources on-demand. Our implementation process lets users scale up or down as needed.

Leveraging our global network of experts, we offer top-tier resources on-demand and in budget.

Approved for Hire

We vet all JiveHire candidates to make sure they are up to par and can perform to the standard you need.

Team Management

We make sure the work gets done according to the highest standards, on time with hands-on team management so you don’t have to.

Scale Your Business

JiveHire globally recruits for our talent pool. Add a completely new team or integrate a new team with your existing one.

Strategic Partnership

JiveHire isn’t just another service provider. Our team will learn about your business, help define a strategy and stay available throughout the relationship

Cut Your Costs

Outsourcing can save a business a tremendous amount of money. With JiveHire, you can promote growth and expansion, while maintaining lower costs.

Efficiency Maximized

We constantly revisit operational processes to ensure they meet the changing needs of your business. It’s the JiveHire work ethic.

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